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Be safe from malware threats

Protection against malware

Searching, analyzing and monitoring of malware botnets

Personalized and on-demand information

Real-time monitoring

Malware tracking system

PHISHING HUNTERS malware tracking system

Malware tracking system (MTS) is a global solution to search, analyze and monitor active botnets, in which any kind of corporate system can be included. PhishingHunters’ tool centralizes all information in a single repository and presents it personalized and on-demand to the customers.

The starting point is the analysis of malware samples that generate a bot network. By studying it, we can discover vulnerabilities, methods and functionalities used by malware to compromise a system. Once identified, MTS will automatically issue the takedown order.

Also, MTS searches for new systems that could be compromised. If any of them belongs to PhishingHunters clients, they will be alerted. Real-time monitoring of identified networks is essential to have control over them, know its size, and geographical distribution and the exact nodes. This helps to contain them and to recover the stolen information if possible.

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